A Message from Jeff Stone


I would like to welcome you to our website for the development of the Riverside County Wine Country Community Plan. The Third Supervisorial District of Riverside County, has embarked on an aggressive Community Plan to expand the present boundaries of Wine Country, address land use issues, set development standards specifically tailored for wineries, equestrian uses and residential development. In partnership with the stakeholders we are crafting policies, zoning standards and finance mechanisms to develop the appropriate infrastructure in the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country. This public-private partnership with stakeholders and the County of Riverside will preserve and expand this magnificent jewel in Riverside County, creating jobs, business opportunities and a wonderful world-wide destination for many decades to come. The Plan and the zoning ordinance will also address the existing and future commercial equestrian uses and rural lifestyle in Valle De Los Caballos.

Riverside County takes great pride in the development of our beautiful Wine Country. Our current policies and development standards have weathered the tremendous growth and transformation in the quality of wineries and wines in the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country. Much has changed since the early wine pioneers, visionaries and entrepreneurs such as Eli Callaway, Cilurzos, Filsigners, Pooles and John Moramarco, determined that Temecula’s climate and environment for growing grapes and making wine was ideal. Wine Country has grown into a beautiful, scenic, entertaining and wine making masterpiece; however, the unprecedented growth served to highlight such matters as land use conflicts, the need for infrastructure and the unique development fabric for wineries.

Our Wine Country is unique, because you can not only taste world class locally produced wines, but you can eat in its many fine restaurants, attend special events like weddings, experience world renowned entertainment, ride scenic equestrian trails embracing Temecula’s western heritage throughout the rolling vineyards and lodge in the beautiful utopia. Our vision is shaped and refined as we work collaboratively with the stakeholders to set the foundation for responsible growth in Wine Country. The mission and vision is to preserve vineyard lands and create an environment that encourages development of wineries with the goal of making the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country known and respected worldwide, while maintaining the quality of life for residential communities and the equestrian lifestyle within and around it. The Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country and the excellence of the wine produced right here in our region will progress to the next level with the formation of a solid partnership. Collaboration on the vision and the finance mechanisms for the development of the community plan and infrastructure is critical. Even more critical is the quality of life that the residents, vintners and equestrians experience in our area. The community plan will lay the foundation for development that is directed by our vision while the Environmental Impact Report will identify impacts and mitigation measures for future development.

Currently we are working on the documents that are essential to the process. As financial resources become available, the project scope will expand beyond the Community Plan and Environmental Impact Report, to design and development guidelines.

This website is designed to keep the public informed of the proposed community plan and the opportunities available for review and comment on the plan. There will be town hall meetings and community workshops scheduled when draft documents become available. I encourage you to contact my office or the various departments involved in the planning process, to submit inquiries and keep informed of the public outreach efforts. Join us in collectively growing our Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country.

Warmest regards,

Jeff Stone
Third District

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