Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

The Riverside County Wine Country Community Plan is a significant undertaking that looks at all the issues affecting the development of the study area. These include but are not limited to circulation, land use designation and intensity, open space, agricultural development, development standards, infrastructure , design guidelines and finance mechanisms. As the County team is progressing with the various phases of the community plan it is the desire of Supervisor Stone to receive input on the various matters that are being addressed. Specifically as it related to the land use designations and zoning standards. Supervisor Stone has assembled an ad hoc committee that will be convened when needed to provide input on proposed standards and policies.

Composition of Ad Hoc Committee: Wine Country is composed of very diverse groups. To assure that the plan addresses the issues of residents and business owners in the study area nineteen (19) people have been selected to periodically review proposed documents that will eventually be acted upon by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Areas of representation on the Committee include vintners, equine, residents, trails, agriculture, development, ballooning, environmental and tourism. The committee is capped at 19 members to allow for more effective group dynamics

The committee includes the following members:

Bill Wilson (Chairman)
Jim Carter
Phil Baily
Mike Rennie
Dan Stephenson
John Maramarco
Andy Domenigoni
Lorraine Harrington
Robert Kellerhouse

Edith Atwood
Margaret Rich
Kimberly Adams
Jane Block
Lynn Mattocks
Rusty Manning
Terilee Hammett
Greg Hessler
Paul DeSimone
Elisa Niederecker.

Meetings: Information on meetings related to policy, land use and zoning standards may be posted on the calendar. Posting will generally occur one week prior to the meeting. Meeting summaries will not be posted. Subcommittee meetings will not be posted and will be called on an as-needed basis.

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